Ricky Lo and how NOT to interview a Hollywood celebrity

Especially one as white-hot as Ms. Anne Hathaway

You got to congratulate Ms.  Hathaway for the poise she has exhibited handling the awkward questions Philippine Star showbiz reporter Ricky Lo tossed her way during the Japanese presscon for “Les Miserables”.

Ricky has exposed himself as thoroughly unprepared and amateurish by the way that he kept name-dropping Lea Salonga (whose portrayal of Éponine  during the Cameron MacKintosh musical’s Broadway run sent her career to the stratosphere) during the run of the interview.  He dared bring up the dieting and research Hathaway did to prepare for her role as Fantine, not knowing that he isn’t bringing much to the table what TMZ  and other online/print outlets have already presented months back.  FYI, Ricky, Fantine ≠ Éponine:  you could have saved your arse if you saved your Éponine questions for Samantha Banks.

(last minute correction: Lea Salonga also played Fantine as well as Éponine)

A lesser talent may have stormed out two-thirds of the way, but no not Anne, who then politely declined Lo’s enticement to promote the film version of “Les Miz” to Pinoy moviegoers (AFAIK, it should already be packing in crowds at Metro Manila theaters, even without a plug from Ms. Hathaway)

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