This Superman’s a real Superdick

Not exactly a good day for Clark Kento-san, eh?

We are referring to the Suupaman, a parody character created by Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball Z infamy as a one-shot gag for his Dr. Slump animated series.

More superdickery (in Italian – sorry, no English sub here)

Suupaman, aka reporter Kuuraku Kenta, owes his “super-strength” to pickled plums.  This “Man Of Steel”, however, is so pathetic, he’d rather swipe a helpless kid’s skateboard when he can run faster than a locomotive/fly. Then again, the bowtie is a nice touch…

Not even Suupaman going into Super Saiyan mode can stop this rampaging Ferris Wheel

Meanwhile, here’s the real-deal Man-Of-Steel in this new trailer:

Latest trailer for Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel”

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