Marvel’s Ant-Man: Now that’s some serious ninja kung-fu shit!!!!

Special thanks to Philbert Dy’s Twitter post for the link.
Apparently, the peg that director Edgar Wright (Paul, Shaun Of The Dead) is going for is the Ultimates version of the character as assayed by Hank Pym, a scientist who has unlocked atomic particles that enable him to change his physical size at will.

NBA teams be shittin’ bricks on why they never landed this fella….

P.S. Video was deleted….keep posted on this page for further announcements  

P.P.S. …forget the leaked footage (rassen-frassen-frassen Disney legals!!!) but here are some stills to whet your appetite!!!

Anyone calling me Kamen Rider’s gonna get a boot to their backsides!!!

Henshin this, muthafucka!!!!


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