The many armours of Iron Man

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Who said real men can’t have walk-in closets?

With Iron Man 3 just 4 3 weeks away, it’s about time we brush up on our knowledge about Iron Man armours – especially the fan favourites which turn up in a climactic showdown during the film.

  1. Deep Space Armour (Mark XXXIX)

    As its title states, this iteration of the Iron Man armour is intended for deep space travel, which can explain features such as booster jets, anti-G  force compression gel and an expanding solar sail for countering atmospheric re-entry pressures.

  2. Extremis (Mark XLVIII)This top-of-the-line sonnavabitch comes with Extremis nanotechnology giving it greatly increased flexibility and autonomous control via brain link
  3. Ghost Armour (Mark XXVII)

    One of two “stealth mode” armours in his high-tech walk-in closet, this is made of a ceramic-Kevlar compound (which should explain its off-white colour scheme)  that is undetectable by conventional radar.  Tiny built-in holographic generators provide added camouflage in nearly any environment.

  4. GodKiller (Mark XXXIII) The other IM armour intended for space travel (no points for guessing the first one, heheh), this one features a new faceplate design and a new AI, P.E.P.P.E.R., modeled after Pepper Potts
  5. Heartbreaker (Mark XVII)
    This will definitely be the one where (spoiler alert!) Ol’ Shellhead gets to whup Mandarin’s arse all the way into North Korean airspace (heheh) (end of spoiler).  Guess having a fuckin’ Wave Motion Gun installed right there has its purposes
  6. Hulkbuster
    Essentially an upgrade mod fitting over his normal suit, the “Hulkbuster”, true to its name, is able to lift well over 175 tons and withstand full-frontal attacks from Big Green himself, not to mention exact retribution with rocket-propelled gauntlets.  It also provides additional power to IM’s repulsor and uni-beam attacks.
  7. Hydro-Armour
    The  Hydro-Armour (as its name implies) is intended to withstand the high pressures of deep-sea exploration;  it will figure in a sequence where (spoiler alert!) IM tries looking for clues at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after Mandarin’s troops blow his Malibu beachfront into smithereenies (end of spoiler).
  8. Hypervelocity Autonomous Personnel Protector (H.A.P.P.Y.) Armour
    Featuring an AI modeled after Tony Stark’s longtime chauffeur (and eventually Pepper Potts’ husband in comics continuity) Happy Hogan (portrayed in the first two films by their director Jon Favreau), this was an upgrade of the comics’ Telepresence armour (which marked the debut of the brain link feature which figures more prominently in the Extremis model)
  9. Stealth Armour (Mark XI)
    As its name suggests, again, this suit is designed to emphasise evasion over firepower.  Obviously, the other “stealth mode” armour in Starkey’s walk-in.

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