A childhood franchise done right (crossing my fingers)

Teaser trailer for live-action Gatchaman movie

In one of my other blogs (long since deleted), I was positing typical Hollywood-exec suggestions for the casting of a live-action Battle Of The Planets film.

Jack Black is Tiny!!! (Makes a crackin’ tagline on a teaser poster though)
Anne Hathaway as Princess!!!

Heck, I even thought Moises Arias (Hannah Montana, the upcoming Ender’s Game) could’ve nailed it as Keyop.

Thankfully enough, Japan’s Nikkatsu Studios stepped into the plate and once again made sure that yet another cherished icon from our childhoods not be tentacle-raped by clueless gaijin Hollywood hacks (we’re looking your way, Dragonball: Evolution and the CGI version of Astro Boy).  I still recall growing up watching the show’s original English-language adaptation, Battle Of The Planets, featuring a voice cast led by Gary Owens and Casey Kasem.

I was pretty much impressed by the 2010 live-action Space Battleship Yamato film and its attempts at approaching gritty Battlestar: Galactica levels of realism – even while  mildly taken aback over casting the Gamilas as a hive-mind alien intelligence.   Heck, gotta give Takashi Miike (13 Samurai, Ichi The Killer) a pat on the back for translating the bawdy, anything-goes – if rather formulaic – spirit of the Yatterman TV anime to the big screen!

Bird, Go….i mean, Me, Go!!!

Going back, the Gatchaman movie stars Tori Matsuzaka as Ken “The Eagle” Washio…how apropos, given that tori means “bird” in Japanese.

Toya Sato (who has previously directed a live-action adaptation of Grave Of The Fireflies) is directing, while Space Battleship Yamato‘s VFX supervisor Takashi Yamazaki oversees what is estimated to be one of the most CGI-intense Japanese cinematic productions ever.

The live- action Gatchaman movie is slated for an 8/24 release in Japan.

2 thoughts on “A childhood franchise done right (crossing my fingers)

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