Ender’s Game trailer – at long frickin’ last!!!

Trailer 2

It’s still six months away from November 1st but I’m already soooo chuffed!!!

Trailer 1

A stellar line-up of frightfully young but already Academy Award® nominated talent equally buoyed by formidable veterans like Harrison Ford,  Sir Ben Kingsley & Viola Davis (no Oscar slouches, all of ’em!!!)   Awesome FX just screaming for an IMAX 3D release  – all the more to heighten the excitement of the “Battle Room” scenes!!!

To be honest, I haven’t read any of SF writer Orson Scott Card‘s Ender Wiggin books in their entirety, but they are definitely in my “Must Read” list, particularly the opening installment Ender’s Game.  Disagree I may with some of his political views, I still think this installment has blockbuster franchise potential written all over it – let’s all hope against hope that this does not turn into yet another Starship Troopers.

For the love of God PLEASE.

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