The “real” Argo – and how Jack Kirby somehow got involved here

If you may have seen Ben Affleck’s Academy Award-winning drama Argo, you’d be pleasantly surprised that it was based on actual events (albeit, embellished for dramatic purpose)


What’s even more surprising is how The God Of Comics himself, Jack Kirby, got himself involved (Kirby is portrayed in Argo by veteran character actor – and longtime Quentin Tarantino repertory member – Michael Parks

A.K.A., Disneyland for the Geeks

The Royal Chambers Of Brahma

The Pavilions Of Joy

Planetary Control Room (interior)

Brahma’s Supremacy

Hostel Of Hawkana (exterior)

Characters from the aborted Lord Of Light adaptation

What could have been was an ambitious sci-fi epic destined to rival Star Wars in sheer spectacle.  I myself have read the original book and I kept pondering why this hasn’t yet been optioned for the big screen

Which brings me to one of Jack Kirby’s TV animation projects…

Thundarr The Barbarian

I have had fond memories catching the show (on the old IBC13) – it was one of the better US-made animated shows during its time, with a well-conceptualized post-apocalypse milieu at that.  Then I found out that among the brains behind that said show was…(drum roll please!!!)  Jack frickin‘ Kirby!!!!  Somehow, Kirby’s Argo misadventure was very much fresh in his mind, which should explain why Thundarr would exclaim, thusly “Lords Of Light”!!!!

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