Review: Fast & Furious 6

I have managed to see all of the Fast & Furious films since the first one – and it has always been the cars (particularly Dominic Torretto’s iconic Dodge Challenger)  at front and centre.

K.I.T.T and The General Lee have nothin’ on this baaaad muthafucka

The characters have always been willing accessories, excuses to drive forward the plot (a.k.a. what fills time between all that engine-revving and nitro-boosting)

However, there came an interesting development, around the time Justin Lin came on board.  Fast 5 had Dwayne “The Rock™” Johnson and a meaty heist plot to go along with it.  Yup, we were treated to the dazzling sight of booty-licious bikini-ed babes walking down the Copa…but there were also favela-ripping chases and a safe being dragged down Rio’s bustling streets.

Think The Italian Job on steroids and Red Bull.

The 6th picks up from where the Rio heist left them, laden with cash to move on from the “Fast” life.   Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) is now happily settled with his wife and baby son in the Canary Islands, while Han (Sung Kang) considers popping the question to his girlfriend Giselle (Gal Gadot) while undercover in Hong Kong.  Interpol chief Hobbs (Johnson) is tasked to oversee finding the perps behind the heist of military materiél across Europe by a team of skilled drivers.  That’s when he rounds up the F&F team one more time, with unconditional amnesty for the participants to sweeten the deal.

It also takes on a personal tone when Torretto finds that one of these drivers is his estranged sister, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

From Moscow to London and Spain, Torretto, O’Connor and co. get engaged in a cat-and-mouse game against an SAS-trained international terrorist Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his crew.  Whether it’s an all-out brawl between Hobbs’ partner (Gina Carano) and Letty along a segment of the London Underground, a high-speed showdown with a TANK down a Spanish freeway or even a tug-of-war with an Antonov AN-225 down an airport runway,  the white-knuckle action in Fast & Furious 6 is fucking relentless.

Yeah, I can FLYYY! Ain’t no need for a silly “S” on my chest, bub!!

TANKS a lot!!!

Now that’s just PLANE stupid

Fortunately, there are comic bits here and there by Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Taj (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) to provide a refreshing break to the monotony.  Seemingly absent, this time around, are those obligatory race scenes where provocatively-clad babes would grind to the beat of blaring hip-hop.  Oh well, that’s the price one has to pay for growing up…

Wondering, though, what’d be in store when Jason Statham steps into the franchise – along with new director James Wan (Insidious, the Saw franchise)

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