Machete Kills – International Trailer (Spanish narration)

New trailer (en Ingles)

Robert Rodriguez’s latest b-movie action tribute is chockful to the gills in action, babes…

Comic-Con 2013 sizzle reel featuring Michelle Rodriguez

Trailer de la pelicula

Senor Rodriguez must’ve been watching too many Mazinger Z episodes

Marilyn Monroe es una chica muy mala!!!!

…not to mention washed-up guest stars!  The first Machete had Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal (try saying those two names together in one sentence without giggling) while Machete Kills has Mel Gibson (in a Seagalesque role as the Big Malo Gringo Señor Machete faces) and Charlie Sheen Carlos Estevez as un Presidente del Estados Unidos.

Over here, I only got to see parts of the first one on HBO (since it never got a theatrical release)…dunno if the addition of Lady Gaga to the cast may increase its chances of a release in this here neck of the woods.

Not exactly Danny Trejo…but should be a good source for lame “wood” puns

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