5 Reasons to be excited for a Batman/Superman movie

Yeaaahhh! This is happening!!!

No doubt about it, one of the most show-stopping announcements to come out from the 2003 San Diego Comic Con is Zack Snyder’s announcement of a Superman/Batman team-up as the sequel to his recent hit Man Of Steel.

  1. Thou shalt not kill:  it would take Batman and his legendary abhorrence of guns to reinforce Supes’ resolution not to take any human life no matter the circumstances.
  2. Super buddy cops: play the above-mentioned differences between Superman & Batman for laughs (Memo to Chris Nolan: stop being a grumpy sourpuss, for once)
  3. Throw an extra-juicy bone to the rabid fanboy contingent:  it would be an opportune moment to recreate iconic panels from justify a big-screen retelling of  Frank Miller’s ground-breaking graphic novel. The cherry on top of the sundae would be wheeling out the “tank” Bat-Mobile.

    No cardboard box on caterpillar treads is gonna mess with the Last Son of Fucking Krypton!!!

  4. Indulge in occasional super-dickery:  Batman scrawls on wall – “Superman is Clark Kent”.  Superman flies to the moon and carves out on the lunar surface – “Batman ♥ Robin”.  Cue an embarrassed pissed-off Dark Knight….
  5. Who will be the next Batman?  Granted that Christian Bale will not be donning The Dark Knight’s cape and cowl for the next DC franchise outing, speculation should be running wild as to who is most worthy to do so.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a possible shoo-in, but so are White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, X-Men: First ClassMichael Fassbender or even perennial action-star bridesmaid Johnny Messner.

Then again, looks like someone may have beaten him to the punch:

At this point, he should be married to Harley Q. Wondarwoman

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