Hollywood, here’s your Wonder Woman…

I choose YOU….

Looks like after month of speculation, they have finally decided who’s going to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, where the Last Son Of Krypton gets to cross paths with The Dark Knight.

Of course, ‘coz clueless Hollywood execs have decreed.

Their choice to play the Amazonian princess Diana, Themiscyra’s envoy into Man’s World, is…Gal Gadot!!!

My kind of Gal

Mazel Tov!!!

This former Miss Israel beauty-titlist – who has also supervised fitness training for no less than the Israeli Army – is best known for her role of Giselle, Han (Sung Kang)’s main squeeze/partner in crime in the last couple of Fast & Furious flicks.

Tall and tender, young and lovely, the Girl from Ipanema goes walking…

It’s been a bumpy ride trying to adapt Wondy to the big-screen medium, exacerbated by Hollywood’s aversion for female-led superhero vehicles.  The last I heard, they were even planning yet another Wonder Woman TV series a couple of years back,  but showrunner David E. Kelley can’t resist turning her into some kinda ditz bitch.

The public has spoken.  Definitely not the Wondy we know

There have been some arguments raised against the choice of Gadot, most notably that she is too “skinny” to fill out Diana’s iconic breastplate, she’s not a familiar-enough household name…somehow the latter didn’t seem to matter when Henry Cavill was selected to play Clark Kent/Kal-El/ Superman!!!

As for the former, remember, this is Wonder Woman we are talking about, not Power Girl or She-Hulk!!!

Judging from her real-life background – not to mention her performance in the Fast & Furious movies –  there’s no argument that Ms. Gadot  is the perfect choice to don the character’s tiara and bracers.

A playdate of July 17, 2015 is targeted for the Man Of Steel sequel.