New trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

The holiday season has just begun, and what better way to welcome it than to roll out the trailer for…The Amazing Spider-Man 2!!!!

Sony Pictures Trailer

Directed by Marc Webb (what an apt name for someone helming films about an arachnid-themed superhero), this follows Peter Parker’s struggles to rekindle his love for Gwen Stacy – even as he deals with the legacy of his late father’s scientific research and the twin threats of Electro and Rhino.

In spite of his considerable power, Electro has been saddled with one of the lamest costumes in comic-book history.  Like, who can take seriously a dude in green-and-yellow tights with lightning bolts sticking out of his mask???

You think I’m funny, eh????

Thankfully, Jamie Foxx’s portrayal injects a good deal of long-overdue cool into this baddie.

If Chris Brown tries to rip off my look one more try, it’s his ass I’m gonna fry

After all, he did managed to make Django cool.