Here are your Avengers. High on disco juice.

This has just got to be seen to be believed.  There was a TV movie featuring Marvel’s The Avengers made in 1978.  Yes, 1978.

Holy flashbacks, Batman!!!

There’s kaiju footage straight out of some Japanese monster movie, the late Paul Lynde playing Loki as some hyper-caffeinated interior-designer (pardon the dire stereotype) and Gene Simmons in full KISS® make-up and costume as The Destroyer (he spits fire – just like his all-metal 2012 cousin)

Just take a look at Iron Man & Black Widow’s costumes at that time.  For eff’s sake, their Iron Man looks a lot like this robot:

I love you…you love me…

Serious helmet o’ hair – business ‘tache = ready for serious disco action

Speaking of random kaiju footage, that was around the time when Marvel first started collaborating with Japanese film giant Toei, which resulted into these:

About the only thing missing from this shebang is a cameo by Stan Lee the Dazzler

EDM? What the fuck is EDM???

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