5 Marvel properties that should have their own movies

Doctor Strange

Sorcerer Supreme

Arguably one of the strongest players in the Marvel Universe, Dr. Stephen Strange‘s unique skill-set of both mystic and martial arts should make him a perfect ally (in spite of the difficulties encountered in getting his services). Should be a close toss-up between Jon Hamm and Patrick Dempsey as to who shall wear his iconic Cloak Of Levitation held in place by the Eye Of Agamotto.

1979 CBS TV-movie/failed pilot

Black Panther

Black Panther, in happier times with Storm

His all-black getup with the distinctive pointy-ears often gets him confused with a certain Dark Knight from the Distinguished Competition, but never under-estimate T’Challa, King of Wakanda.  He rules an entire African nation supposed to be as rich as real-world Dubai…yet has no qualms jumping across New York City’s rooftops in a bad-ass costume.

Howard The Duck (reboot)

Trapped In A World He Never Made!!!

If Marvel Studios can green-light Guardians Of The Galaxy, why not a Howard The Duck reboot?  Sure, the Lucasfilm-produced live-action version was a total dog (a midget dressed in what looks like some rejected football team mascot suit playing “Howard”) but with today’s advances in CGI (think Ted!) I guess it must be high time someone gives this character another chance.  Let’s see if Disney can now put a pair of pants into this duck this time around – but not until he flips the bird on some Star Wars character expies (no sweat, since Disney owns both Lucasfilm & Marvel …heheheh)

Top 10 Most Disturbing Howard The Duck Moments by Cablogula

Power Pack

Move over Ben 10….

Marvel’s kiddie superheroes seem long overdue for a big-screen leap, what with new backing from the family-friendly Disney merchandising empire.  Think of the possibilities…a possible cross-over with Disney’s own The Incredibles???

Luke Cage (Power Man)

I’m as bad as they come, number two to no one…

I’ve got looks, I’ve got brains and I’m breakin’ these chains…

Sweet Christmas this, muthafucka!!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they get Dwayne Johnson to play Luke Cage.  He looks credibly athletic, with a build befitting the badass character…and rocks a chrome-dome like Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury.  Why not a cameo by no less than Nicholas Cage (who owes his screen name to aforementioned character)?

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