Yet another Marvel property that should be adapted as a live-action film…

Got to admit, I was pretty much in a rush when I first shot out my list of top 5 Marvel characters who DEFINITELY should have their own movies.  Now how can I definitely forget one of the heaviest hitters – if not the most criminally overlooked ones – in the Marvel Universe???

The Sub-Mariner

…and don’t ever, EVER call me USELESS on dry land!!!

Imagine Aquaman – but with an even bigger chip on his shoulder.  Then you get Prince Namor McKenzie, aka The Sub-Mariner.  Although he can’t talk to fish unlike his counterpart from the Distinguished Competition, he can kick fifty shades of ass (not just green and orange) even outside the water; with his ability to fly, he can even make like a surface-to-air missile and knock a jet fighter right out of the sky.

TV cartoon intro (1966)

There was an attempt in 2006 by Universal Studios to develop The Sub-Mariner as a film property, with Jonathan Mostow attached to direct;  said studio still holds the rights to this day, as per Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.  Come on, Universal cannot go wrong with having a potential super-hero franchise in their hands…what will all the dramatic court intrigue, his ambivalence towards surface-dwellers, even a boink count that would make Tony Stark jealous

From Transporter to Sub-Mariner…

British actor Jason Statham would be a perfect fit for the Sub-Mariner role – after all, wasn’t he once with the UK Olympic swimming team before Hollywood called?  Something needs to be done, however, with those little biddy wings sprouting out of his ankles – then again, if Thor lost those silly chicken wings from the side of his helmet, what’s a design change gonna harm the Atlantean Prince Namor that we all grown to love???

Looks like Rubber-boy not gonna like it when he smells something fishy on his bed….

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