How MAD Magazine predicted the Bat-Pod

Bat-Pod emerges from Tumbler

One of the many climactic sequences in the otherwise action-filled film The Dark Knight has to do with the Bat-Pod automatically bursting out of the Tumbler (as Batman has primed the Tumbler to self-destruct).

Who would have thought that illustrator Wally Wood and editor Harvey Kurtzman may have beaten director Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley to the punch by nearly a half-century?

Check lower left panel…

See how Bat Boy & Rubin hot-foot the Fleagle Gang in their Bat-O-Cycle (which rolls out from that rusty tin-can noisy jalopy that is the Bat-O-Mobile) in this Mad Magazine parody (Mad #8, December 1953-January 1954).

Meanwhile, here are a couple of images of what could be the Batmobile in the upcoming film “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”

Chassis only

That’s it??? A tad too flimsy for a Batmobile, though…..

So much for life imitating art….


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