Robin Williams’ Greatest Hits

I was just flabbergasted to find out that Robin Williams just took his own life at his Marin County, CA home at the age of 63.  It was cited that Williams has been battling depression; as with so many successful comedians, humor was just a way for him to cope with his inner demons.

Mork & Mindy pilot

Fresh off the success of Mork & Mindy, Williams was cast as the title character in Robert Altman‘s film version of the long-running comic strip.  This was in 1980, a good ten or fifteen years before live-action adaptations of comic strips would become popular film fare.

Trailer for Robert Altman’s Popeye

His best film appearances, in my book, would be this one from the late ’80s:

As Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam

Who can’t forget his star turn as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin?

Nobody beats the Genie!!!

Even as he managed to distinguish himself in more serious projects like the drama Dead Poets Society and the thriller One Hour Photo, he still gets to shine best as a comedian.

2013 promo for “The Crazy Ones”

Such a pity that in spite of the star power (Sarah Michelle Gellar, David E. Kelley producing), the series was cancelled after one season.

His impeccable timing would be missed….

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