Trailer: Mortdecai

US trailer

It’s nice to see Johnny Depp tackle a different franchise character this time around – maybe this can revive his flagging box-office fortunes.

This is the debut US trailer for the action-comedy “Mortdecai” directed by David Koepp.  Based on the (mis)adventures of Charlie Mortdecai, protagonist of a trilogy penned by the late Kyril Bonfiglioli,  this has Depp playing an amoral art dealer who gets enmeshed in international conspiracies (often against his will).

The movie finds him on the trail of a stolen painting rumored to contain a clue leading to a stash of Nazi gold.  Joining him on his globe-trotting gambol are Avengers alums Gwyneth Paltrow (for a minute I thought I was looking at Helen Mirren) and Paul Bettany (who plays Mortdecai’s British butler, Jock Strapp) as well as Olivia Munn and Ewan MacGregor.

The tone and pace of the trailer is sharply reminiscent of the classic Pink Panther movies starring the late Peter Sellers as the inimitable Inspecteur Jacques Clouseau.  Only thing missing here is Lupin III and his gang (then again, Bruce Willis’ much-maligned Hudson Hawk was supposed to be a Hollywood take on Lupin’s misadventures…)

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