Here be Dragons…

Get your dragon on….

The Interwebs have been a-buzz over Warner Brothers’ acquisition of Anne McCaffrey’s expansive (22+ books) Dragonriders of Pern series.  The series takes place in an earth-like planet that has been colonized by humans early on; as a defence against a rampant plague of fungal spores with the ferocity and appetites of piranha, they have developed a native specie of flying lizards to combat these little buggers with their flammable breath.

Centuries down the line, the human colony has settled into quasi-mediaeval complacency before a new attack of spores springs them into action.  However, the colony appeared to have lost their way in dealing with the viral…oops, I mean fungal blitz, so they unlock new potentials with the “dragons” that they have raised.

What big motherfuckers….

Over the course of the series, the colony manages to establish links to its past and rediscover lost technology, thereby defeating the spore menace once and for all.

Watchmen and X-Men screenwriter David Hayter is assigned script duties for this one.  I guess that they may go for a Game Of Thrones feel with this one – given the general absence of magic in McCaffrey’s world. Nevertheless, this should look good, given that George R. R. Martin’s HBO adaptation has made fantasy series (i.e. of the non-Tolkien variety) viable once again, and advances in CGI animation now allow for more convincing dragon renderings.

Based on an iMDB article, here are some suggestions:

F’lar – Joseph Fiennes

F’nor – Benedict Cumberbatch

Fax – Sean Bean

Robinton – Jeremy Irons

Kylara – Tamzin Merchant

Lessa – Kaya Scoledario 

Hopefully some major Hollywood studio would also consider the option for adapting Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series or even Michael Moorcock’s Elric books for the big screen (the latter looks like a long shot, given its overwhelmingly dark nature)


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