The Bat-Mobile from Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice – what do you think???

Doesn’t it look awesome…combining the race-ready manoeuverability of the Bat-Tumblers from the Christopher Nolan films with the sheer badassness of the tank-like “Batmobile” from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns?

Here’s a graphic detailing the evolution of Batman’s iconic wheels through the years and multiple media incarnations, from print, cartoon and live-action, even in ancillaries:

All images save for the last two courtesy of the oh-s0-awesome Bat-Blog

Batmobiles, 1941-1969

Batmobiles, 1969-1975

Batmobiles, 1976-1985

Batmobiles, 1989-1995

Batmobiles 1996-2004

Batmobiles 2004-2005

Batmobiles 2005-2008

Batmobiles 2008-2010

This list doesn’t include, though:

Not so much a car but muthafucking awesomeness on caterpillar treads

Not to mention this Men In Black-esque monstrosity:

Agent K, methinks someone just boosted our wheels!!!!

Here are a couple more shots of the proposed next-gen “Bat-Tumbler”:

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