Handicapping Marvel’s Phase 3 slate


Yay!!!!  So that mean more cameo appearances for the still-kicking-at-90 Stan “The Man” Lee!!!

Truth be told, I am anxious about this announcement as it means that Marvel Studios  is further cementing its legitimacy as a major Hollywood player. Each Marvel Cinematic Universe addition becomes more than a license to print money for both Marvel and its current corporate parent, Walt Disney; moreover, it becomes testament that movies starring costumed protagonists kicking all manner of evil butt need not be for “kids”.

I was one of these “not-kids” who lined up to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and appreciated the political-thriller leanings blended into the action and set-pieces.  I also was in attendance when Guardians Of The Galaxy awed us with its mixing of high-flying action, spectacular visuals and snarky comedy (not once but TWICE!!!)

Now with the “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 3” announcement (I grouse, why no Ant-Man???), here’s where I stand on the upcoming entries (in descending order)

  1. Doctor Strange and Black Panther (tie)

    This is how a SORCERER SUPREME rolls!!!!

    It is about time that someone gets the Sorcerer Supreme correct on the big screen.  As of late, there is a strong chance that Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness) will finally be donning the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation. Strange’s adventures would promise opportunities for lavish visuals (please get Dormammu and the eldritch horrors of the Dark Dimension done riiiiight!!!!) and not a few opportunities for a joke or two.

    See-no cape! No way I can be confused with a certain Dark Knight or something….

    As for the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman (42) has been announced to take on the role of T’Challa, King of Wakanda.  This fictional African city-state is supposed to be richer than Dubai (only with vibranium instead of oil) and more isolated from the rest of the world than North Korea.  Under the guise of the Black Panther, T’Challa gets to kick all sorts of evil arse, whether it be assassins like Ulysses Klaw or royal pretenders such as White Wolf and  Erik Killmonger; the duality of rich kid and costumed vigilante is just as prominent here as in Batman, the fact that he is also a national leader adds delicious layers of political intrigue into his every move.

  2. Captain Marvel

    Now this is how you define bad-ass!!!

    Yes, Marvel has opted to prioritize this over a Black Widow solo outing (given star ScarJo’s ongoing condition).  Captain Marvel (pka Ms. Marvel until DC’s Big Red Cheese went solely under the name of Shazam!) is former US Air Force officer Carol Danvers, whose chance encounter with the Kree gave her (unwillingly) SUPER POWERS (like, y’say, flight and super-strength as well as energy absorption and the ability to breathe in space).  Let’s see if they’d let her pull off that black leotard look onscreen or will she be wearing blue-and-red tights.

    Bonus points if they get to sneak in Kamala Khan into the film (even in an end-credits sequence)

  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    Alas…this is SERIOUS

    Laying down the events for Avengers: Infinity War would be Thor: Ragnarok where Loki, Thor’s adoptive brother turned main rival for the Asgard throne gets to be an unwilling player thanks to his sceptre containing just one of the stones needed by Thanos to complete his Infinity Gauntlet collection.

    Likewise, the now-dispersed Avengers need to regroup themselves to stave off the impending threat of Thanos – even as the Odinson has his hands full with Loki launching the great end-game of Norse Mythology – Ragnarok – where Midgard (that’s us – and Thor) faces against the divine hosts of Asgard.

    Can’t wait for the Fire-giant Surtur to show up – and maybe even Beta Ray Bill (maybe Ol’ Horse-face can be a Groot-esque breakout character!!!)

  4. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2Hopefully they should include Adam Warlock (aka Doctor Strange – IN SPAAAACE!!!) and Major Victory – not to mention a Captain Marvel cameo – in the team.  Not to mention back-stories for Drax the Destroyer as well as  how Rocket Raccoon & Groot first got to meet up!!!

    Or even a Star Wars shout-out (now that Marvel and Lucasfilm are technically sister companies!!!)

    Not to mention more snazzy retro tunes for Awesome Mix vol. 2!!!

That is this as of now…still sitting on the fence when it comes to the upcoming Captain America and the Avengers installments.  Don’t know too much though about the Inhumans either (but I am anxious as to how they would portray Lockjaw on the big screen)

As Stan Lee would say, “’nuff said!”  See you at the movies!!!

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