Now I know that DC Entertainment is REALLY serious about its foray into cinema…

Stumbled upon DC Comics’ recent announcement of May 2015 variant covers styled after classic movies (mainly Warner Bros. productions, natch)

Action Comics (cover by Joe Quiniones)

Aquaman (cover by Richard Horie)

Batgirl (cover by Cliff Chiang)

Batman (cover by Dave Johnson)

Batman & Robin (cover by Tommy Lee Edwards)

Batman/Superman (cover by Tony Harris)

Catwoman (cover also by Dave Johnson)

Detective Comics (cover by Brian Stelfreeze)

The Flash (cover by Bill Siekiewicz)

Green Lantern (cover also by Tony Harris)

Green Lantern Corps (yet another cover by Tony Harris)

Grayson (cover also by Bill Siekiewicz)

Harley Quinn (yet another cover by Dave Johnson)

Justice League United (cover by Marco D’Alphonso)

Justice League (cover by Emanuela Lupacchino)

Justice League Dark (cover also by Joe Quiniones

Supergirl (cover also by Marco D’Alphonso)

Sinestro (still yet another cover by Dave Johnson)

Superman (still…yet another cover by Dave Johnson)

Superman/Wonder Woman (cover by Gene Ha)

Teen Titans (cover by Alex Garner)

Wonder Woman (yet another cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Personally, I liked the Superfly-inspired Superman and the Bullitt-inspired Catwoman covers both by Johnson.  I was also fascinated by the North By Northwest-inspired Flash and the Enter The Dragon-inspired Grayson ones both by Sienkiewicz.

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