The Cinema My Destination….

The past couple of weeks have been good as far as SF book-to-film adaptations are going.

Hot off the heels that Paramount Pictures is adapting Alfred Bester’s seminal SF classic The Stars My Destination to the big screen, now comes a report that Fox has got Bryan Singer to adapt Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress on the same medium.

The Fox-Singer collaboration would be developed under the name Uprising, for reasons of directness.

Again, if so be it, then let them go for broke…it gets wearisome that most of the SF that we get on the cinema are tired reboots and retreads of established franchises.

Let’s just hope Singer (and scriptwriter Marc Guggenheim) gets to actually read the Heinlein book (and maybe get past by the writer’s skeevy politics).  While we’re at it, why not get Muse’s Matt Bellamy to score the film!

As for casting, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they consider Hugh Jackman for the Gully Foyle role – he has the rough-hewn physicality to do a mean Foyle, yet his musical-theater background should come in handy once he assumes the identity of the foppish Geoffrey Fourmyle (pray though that he doesn’t lapse into Depp-esque Mortdecaisms).  Karen Gillan (aka Doctor Who’s Amy Pond) would make a superb Jisbella McQueen; likewise Taraji P. Henson as Robin Wednesbury, if she can still squeeze some time from shooting the 2nd season of”Empire”.

Meanwhile, I am thoroughly overjoyed to hear that the upcoming Ready Player One film will be handled by Steven Spielberg – no doubt the massive amounts of Eighties nostalgia served in the book should be well up his alley (E.T.! Indiana Jones!! The fuckin‘ Goonies!!! Hello???).  The script will be handled by Zak Penn (Marvel’s The Avengers, X-Men: The Last Stand) so I should expect something EPIC, nonetheless.

Good luck though in securing the shitload of licenses needed to flesh out Ready Player One’s virtual universes, including rights for video-game characters and Japanese mecha.

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