Who wore it better???

Upon watching Deadpool, I couldn’t help noticing this titillating titbit:

Ever notice why Wade “Deadpool” Wilson appears to be perpetually wearing a pair of red Victoria’s Secret knickers on his scarred mug?

Looks like Wadey’s in good company…

Japan unleashed HK: Hentai Kamen (HK: Forbidden Super Hero) in 2013.

It is a raunchy, action-packed romp based on a manga created by Keishu Ando and initially seriailised in 1992.  He leaps into battle and fights crime usually wearing nothing more than than a pair of his mom’s own panties (uggggghhhh!!!) as his distinctive kamen and a Borat-esque mankini to shield his goolies.  It so happens Mommie Dearest happens to work as an S&M dominatrix, and before he knows it, he’s got SUPERPOWERS!!!

It is as usually OTT batshit crazy as Japanese adult-oriented superheroes go…

His crotch attack should be SEEN to be believed!!!

Then again, it is par for the course in a society where some subways have specialised vending machines selling used panties for perverts to get their kick from.

P.S.  Don’t look now, a sequel is set to be unleashed in Japanese cinemas this May 2016

Wait till Deadpool’s gonna get a load of this….





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