Major Victory? More like Major Casting Coup, you say…

Glad to know Sylvester Stallone’s career is once again red-hot – even as he approaches that time when he should be muttering “I’m too old for this shit…” – thanks to a well-received turn as an aged version of his iconic Rocky Balboa character in last year’s Creed.  Even if he failed to clinch one of these golden men during the ceremony just a few weeks back, there is no shaking the way that he graciously underplayed his character’s mentor role.

Now it is with much delight to report that Stallone could be playing a (similarly meaty) supporting role in the upcoming Marvel Phase 3 installment “Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2”

This screams Rambo in Captain America colours, so to say….

It is highly speculated that Stallone will be playing Vance “Major Victory” Astro, a founding member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy.  He joins his erstwhile “Tango & Cash” co-star Kurt Russell in this sequel which is scheduled to drop on May 25, 2017.

(update!!!  Stallone will be playing either a Nova Corps member or a Ravager, but it’s still up in the air for the latter whether he’s going to be with Yondu’s group or a rival faction)

Suffice to say, this won’t be Stallone’s first time to don the comic-book hero spandex….remember Judge Dredd?

(or maybe…not)




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