Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is getting the live-action treatment it rightfully deserves…

All I can say is…


One of my all-time favourite manga is getting a much-deserved live action treatment –  and it is from no less than Takashi fucking Miike!!!!

Warner Brothers Japan is co-producing with Toho Co. Ltd. a live-action version of the long-running manga from Hirohiko Araki – in particular the Diamond Is Unbreakable arc, which takes place in the fictional Japanese seaside town of Morioh in 1999.  The manga is notable not only for the outlandish attire of its main characters but also from the over-the-top violence perpetrated by the principal players’ Stands – genie-like psychic manifestations capable of creative ways of dispatching opponents.  Central to the manga’s narrative are the Joestar clan –  who often find themselves in Indiana Jones-esque capers involving ancient artifacts possessing unimaginable powers being desired by villains in alliance with eldritch abominations.

Miike is no stranger to anime adaptations – heck, he even made a decent live-action version of a freakin’ videogame – but this should definitely be up his wheel-house (after all, he directed Ichi the Killer and 13 Assassins)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that most of the Stands get to keep their classic-rock and pop-music influenced names….

Here’s a run-down of the cast and the manga/anime characters they will be portraying:

Kento Yamazaki as Josuke Higashikata

Yusuke Iseya (13 Assassins, Rurouni Kenshin, yet another Warners – Toho collaboration) as Jotaro Kujo

Rynosuke Kamiki as Koichi Hirose

Mackenyu as Okuyasu Nijimura

Masaki Okada as Keicho Nijimura

Nana Komatsu as Yukako Yamagishi

Takayuki Yamada as Anjuro “Angelo” Katagiri

Alisa Mizuki as Tomoko Higashikata

Jun Kunimura (Attack on Titan) as Ryohei Higashikata

Production is underway, with Sitges, Spain sitting in for Morioh for a summer  2017 release.  Hopefully this would rehabilitate Miike-san career after his disastrous live-action adaption of yet another anime, Terra Formars

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