Confessions of a wanna-be film critic/amateur scriptwriter…

…not to mention, self-admitted all-around geeky bullshitter.

And self-admitted troll (but let’s not get into that)

Grew up on B-movies that used to air on free TV (back when they did air Hollywood films in English – not dubbed in Filipino) as well as Japanese giant robots.  As a little kid, I used to bug my folks with all sorts of nonsense questions whenever I saw kids fly and move stuff with telekinetic powers in Disney films;  patient as they were,  they would always explain these all away as mere “camera tricks”.

As a teenager, I also entertained dreams of acting…however, when I joined the drama club in college, I realised that my true calling was behind the screen – hauling props, setting up meetings and all that dirty promo stuff. Got to admit, there was a certain glamour in getting the lead role and kissing the leading lady, but the true test was making sure all things ran smoothly during a performance.

Reality kicks in after joining a professional acting class – I just wasn’t cut for it, but it has never stopped me from dreaming of a career in creative writing.  Yes, I do have my normal grind (yes, a willing slave to the BPO industry) to follow in order to pay my bills,  not to mention finance my varied interests, which include:

Bookshelf 1

Bookshelf 1

Bookshelf 2

Bookshelf 2

Rack full of CDs

Rack full of CDs

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